Febus v. Texas

Appellant Albert Febus was a registered sex offender. He voluntarily signed a change-of-address form listing his new address as an apartment at “6110 Glenmont” even though he never intended to live there. Months later, when police went to that apartment at “6110 Glenmont” to check on Appellant, Appellant was not living there. At his trial for failure to comply with his duty to register, Appellant claimed he had actually told the police he was moving to an apartment at “6100 Glenmont.” According to Appellant, the police had gotten the apartment number correct, but they had placed the wrong street address in their registry. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals granted review to address whether the evidence was legally sufficient to support the jury’s determination that Appellant failed to notify the local police regarding his change of address in violation of his duty to register as a sex offender. Finding the evidence was legally sufficient, the Court affirmed the court of appeals’ opinion. View "Febus v. Texas" on Justia Law