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A Relator filed an application for a writ of mandamus to the Supreme Court after the Court of Appeals dismissed his petitions for writs of mandamus filed in that court for want of jurisdiction. He argued that the appellate court had jurisdiction and its dismissal was in error. He sought issuance of the writ of mandamus to require the court of appeals to consider his petitions on their merits. Upon review, the Supreme Court granted relief: "we perceive no reason why our exclusive Article 11.07 jurisdiction divests an appellate court of jurisdiction to decide the merits of a mandamus petition alleging that a district judge is not ruling on a motion when the relator has no Article 11.07 application pending." The Court conditionally granted mandamus and directed the Fifth Court of Appeals to rescind its decision dismissing relator's petitions for writ of mandamus for want of jurisdiction and to consider the merits of the issues raised. View "Padieu v. Court of Appeals of Texas, Fifth District" on Justia Law